Programs & Initiatives

The following programs and initiatives are offered through the Nevada State Parent Information & Resource Center (PIRC) at the Education Alliance of Washoe County.  For more detailed information, downloadable materials or dates of upcoming workshops, please visit the individual program pages. 

Math and Parent Partnerships (MAPPS)

  • Workshops to help parents of elementary and middle school children support math learning at home.

Family Literacy Experience (FLITE)

  • An integrated curriculum to help parents of elementary children support science and literacy learning at home.

Parent School Partnerships (PSP)

  • Workshops and materials to help all parents ‘navigate the educational system’ and the ‘road to college.’  Appropriate for all grade levels. 

Pre-Service Teachers

  • A partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno – College of Education – Curriculum, Teaching and Learning – sharing and supporting research and best practices on family engagement with teachers entering the field of education.

ESEA Outreach & Workshops

  • Workshops, information and promotional materials to help parents understand their options under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  Downloadable materials for schools and districts to help communicate these options to parents. 

Parent Involvement Trainings for Staff

  • Professional development for educators in the field on family engagement research and best practices.

Statewide Parent Involvement Summit

  • A biannual statewide Summit for all of Nevada’s schools with hundreds of ideas on how to engage and reach out to all families. Coming soon in March 2010! 

Pre-K Initiatives


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