School & Parent Resources

The Nevada State PIRC offers many resources for parents and schools to work in partnership and support student academic achievement.  

Tip Sheet - School Staff


2008-2009 PIRC Evaluation Briefs and Fact Sheet

Evaluation Briefs for the Nevada State PIRC's K-12 Programs for Families and Professional Development for Educators and Staff.


2009-2010 PIRC Evaluation Briefs 

Evaluation Briefs for the Nevada State PIRC's K-12 Programs for Families and Professional Development for Educator's and Staff.


RtI Brochure

A Parent's Guide to Response to Intervention (RtI).

Annual Title I Meeting Toolkit for Schools

All Title I schools are required to host an annual meeting with families to share information about the different components of Title I.  This toolkit contains everything you need to host this meeting:  a flyer, Power Point presentation, a tip sheet on adult learning, a script for an interactive session with families and an evaluation. This toolkit was developed in partnership with the Alabama State PIRC, Arizona State PIRC and the Wyoming State PIRC.

Download the kit

Download the individual items in the kit:
Adult Learner Tip Sheet
Power Point - full version
Power Point - short version
Power Point - Spanish version
Facilitated Discussion
Table Topics

Hospital Standards Activity

Use this activity as a bridge to help families understand the structure of our state testing and standards. 

State Testing Activity (Jelly Beans)

Use this activity in combination with the Hospital Standards Activity to help families understand our state's accountability system and school data.

Tip Sheet for Middle School Families

A tip sheet for middle school parents in English and Spanish.
Tip Sheet - English
Tip Sheet - Spanish

Standards Posters for Parents

These easy to understand bilingual posters offer simple activities that parents can do at home to support the Nevada State standards. Englarge the posters on colored 11 x 17 paper and hang it on your wall to remind you of activities you can do with your student at home.

Winter Take-Home Kits

Learn the Story of Snowflakes, the Science of Popcorn and the History of Hot Chocolate!

Summer Take-Home Kits

Use a glider, frisbee and beach ball to support learning at home!

Halloween Take-Home Kit

The items you need to complete the activities are: a Halloween pencil, pencil sharpener, small package of candy corns, bouncy ball, small box of crayons, glue stick, safety scissors, instructions, a journal booklet (with blank sheets inside) and pictures to cut out. Make Halloween an opportunity to reinforce what your student is learning in school.

School Newsletter Templates

Choose from our eight simplified school newsletter templates to keep up with the demand of a school newsletter. Plug in your own pictures, important dates and a short article to produce a monthly newsletter that is both time efficient for you and parent friendly!

Download the ZIP file, and save the templates to your hard drive. Then open them using MS Publisher.

Visual Map

Create a visual map for your school to analyze your parent involvement activities related to the district's six standards on parent involvement. Complete the map as a school team to discover your strengths and the areas that may need improvement.

Fathers Handout 

A simple one-page handout on how fathers can be involved in their child's education. A great take-home item for a "Take-Your-Dad-To-School-Day" or "Dads and Donuts Event."

Parent Involvement Tracking Kit & Evaluation Report

A tracking kit developed by a local school site and added to by the PIRC grant Evaluation Team, as well as a report of the information collected from the PIRC Evaluation Exercises last year. Both processes could be used at your school site to begin data collection on parent involvement and evaluate parent involvement efforts. The visual map, teacher survey and parent survey used in the evaluation process are available below.

Teacher Survey

A sample survey that you can use with school staff members to evaluate parent involvement in your school. The survey is directly related to the six areas of parent involvement as identified in the WCSD's Parent Involvement Initiative Strategic Plan.

Parent Survey 

A sample survey that you can use with parents to evaluate parent involvement in your school. The survey will be refined and shortened soon. It is currently available in both English and Spanish. This tool will help you evaluate what areas of parent involvement you may want to focus on in the upcoming school year.

School Surveys

These surveys were adapted from Beyond the Bakesale.

School & Parent Resources

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